Philips HeartStart FR3 Defibrillator

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Philips HeartStart FR3 Defibrillator

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Making lifesaving faster, easier, better.  3 lead, CPR compression monitor, ECG and Bi-lingual options available.

FR3 Defibrillator can be ordered as standard Text bundle or ECG bundle.  Both come with standard battery (3 year) and 1 set SMART PADS III, and user documentation.  Optional FAA compliant battery available.  Order case option, pediatric key, language option, CPR meter, and monitoring cables separately.

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The Philips Rigid System Case is designed
for environments like Fire, EMS, military and
heavy industry, or anywhere aggressive use
is expected. It’s made of very durable plastic,
and will protect FR3 and its accessories
in demanding applications. A Pads Sentry
(989803150011) is included so SMART
Pads III can be tested and stored for fast
deployment. The Auto-on feature enables
FR3 to power up when the carry case lid
is opened. The FR3 Fast Response Kit
(989803150111) fits conveniently in the lid
of the case. There are specific storage places
for optional accessories such as, spare
pads, a spare battery, CPR meter and the
Infant/Child key. The FR3’s flashing
Green Ready Light can be easily seen
through the clear window without having
to open the case.