Cardiac Science AED Recall

November 05, 2011  |   Blog,News & Events  

It is important to us at LifeGuard MD to provide any recall information on any AED to keep you well informed so you are able to take action as needed.  Cardiac Science has recently released recall information with the FDA.

Class 2 Recall PowerHeart AED, G3, CardioVive AED, GE Responder AED, Nihon Kohden CardioLife AED.

Date Posted: September 19, 2011

Recall Number: Z-3265-2011

Product: Powerheart Automated External Defibrillator (AED), G3 is indicated for emergency treatment of victims exhibiting symptoms of sudden cardiac arrest who are unresponsive and not breathing. Post-resuscitation, if the victim is breathing, the AED should be left attached to allow for acquisition and detection of the ECG rhythm. If a shockable ventricular tachyarrhythmia recurs, the device will charge automatically and be able to deliver therapy. Model numbers: Powerheart 9300A, 9300C, 9300D, 9300E, 9300P, 9390A, 9390E, CardioVive 92532, 92533, NK 9200G, 9231, and Responder 2019198, 2023440. Brand names: Powerheart AED, G3, CardioVive AED, GE Responder AED, Nihon Kohden CardioLife AED.

Code Information: Serial numbers: 022805, 031605, 303024, 322627, 322644, 328877, 900034, 900055, 900061, 900110, and 972196. Serial numbers Ranges: from 900134 through 903240; from 329024 through 394573; from 400001 through 4049272; from 4100002 through 4370573; from 92532-0000501 through 92532-0001310; and from 92533-0000000 through 92533-0001340.

Recalling Firm/Manufacturer:

Cardiac Science Corporation
3303 Monte Villa Pkwy
Bothell, Washington 98021-8969

Consumer Instructions:

Cardiac Science Technical Support
800-426-0337 Ext. 1

Reason for Recall: Cardiac Science Corporation (CSC) has identified two errors, 0×48 and 0×99, that have repeatedly occurred during a device self-test in the G3 installed base over the last 6 years. These self test errors cause the device to enter into a service required state. CSC remind owners/operators of the Powerheart AED devices to verify the “Rescue Readiness” of their equipment and follow maintenance pro.

Action: Cardiac Science began mailing out the recall notification letter on August 1, 2011, to all their US consignees via USPS first class mail. Cardiac Science’s distribution partners will receive a notification letter and be provided with a template letter to send to their customers directly. CSC remind owners/operators of the Powerheart AED devices to check the status of of the AED every day to ensure it is Rescue Ready, and perform the regularly schedule maintenance as outlined in the Powerheart AED “Operator and Service Manual” provided with every AED. Customers can call Cardiac Science at 800-426-0337 or e-mail at

Quantity in Commerce: 195,739 units in US

Distribution: Worldwide Distribution – US (nationwide) This action applies only to domestic.