Lifeguard MD offers discounted pricing on defibrillators, medical equipment and first aid products to Catholic Mutual Group members. The Risk Management Team at Catholic Mutual Group recommends the following defibrillator packages and products to help you begin your workplace defibrillator program.

Standard ship set includes: your choice of defibrillator and the following accessories:

Click to View Interactive Demo

Click to View Interactive Demo

Philips HeartStart OnSite Defibrillator:  Easy to operate and maintain. To use, simply pull the green handle to engage the defibrillator and follow the voice instructions. Comprehensive CPR coaching is included.


Battery- AED is equipped with a disposable lithium manganese dioxide, long life battery that will typically last for four years once inserted into the AED on standby mode. There is a standard four year warranty on batteries. A spare battery is included in the standard ship set. CMG Risk Management recommends you always have a backup battery on hand.

Pads- The Standard ship set includes two set of adult pads. One set of pads to be installed with the unit upon set-up and the second set of pads stores conveniently in the standard carry case.  CMG Risk Management recommends you always have a backup battery on hand.

Implementation CD- This CD, exclusively for LifeGuard MD, Inc customers, provides comprehensive AED program implementation assistance including device usage protocol, program development, presentation materials, maintenance and training logs, and an interactive product demonstration video.

AED Location Poster- Raise awareness about your AEDs to employees or members of the public.  Place this poster away from the AED, in the break room, copy room or locker room indicating the location of the nearest AED.

Warranty- Philips offers a standard eight year warranty on the device, two year pad warranty and a 12 month accessory warranty. There is a limited product indemnification for the users of the Philips devices. No service contract is required to maintain indemnification benefits.

Click to View Interactive Demo

Click to View Interactive Demo

Philips HeartStart FRx Defibrillator: Very rugged and easy to use. Like the OnSite, it offers complete voice instruction and CPR coaching. The FRx uses SMART Pads designed for all ages. No addition pediatric pads are needed. Simply insert the infant/child key and it changes to infant/child mode.

Standard Carry Case- The case is constructed of semi-rigid material. In addition to the defibrillator, it will hold a pair of paramedic scissors and can accommodate one spare set of pads and a spare battery pack. 

Fast Response Kit- This kit is included in all CMG packages, it contains tools and supplies typically needed for patient care and personal protection for the rescuer: two pairs of hypoallergenic gloves, a one-way, non-rebreather mask, paramedic scissors, chest hair razor and large, extra-absorbent paper towel in convenient carry bag that attaches to defibrillator case.

V shape Wall Sign

AED Wall Sign- One wall sign is included to hang above wall mounted bracket or AED cabinet for increased AED visibility. Additional wall signs are available in left, right, up, or down directional arrows for additional AED visibility and location.

Quick Reference Guide- Instructions guide for the defibrillator. Should be stored in the carry case.

Tracking - of AED pads, battery, and warranty dates.  Automatic email or mail reminders for replacement.  Helps ensure compliance with state mandated AED maintenance requirements.

Optional Items: Call to find out if you need any of the following 1.877.868.4141

Medical Direction:  A defibrillator is a medical device, therefore, most require a prescription written by a medical doctor prior to purchase.  Currently the only AED that does no require a prescription is the Philips OnSite (the device of choice for CMG members).  However, some states do require medical direction for public access defibrillator programs.  Your organization may be required to have a physician oversee some aspects of the AED program such as training, EMS coordination protocol approval, standing orders and AED deployment strategies.  Please contact our office to discuss medical direction requirements in your state.  LifeGuard MD can help you determine if medical direction is needed.  The Philips FRx AED does require a medical prescription for purchase.

Wall Mount Bracket

Mounting Options and Accessories-

Wall Mount Bracket- 

This bracket is designed for housing a either Philips FRx or OnSite AED.

Defibrillator Cabinets-

These cabinets are available in three different styles:

Surface Mount- for easy installation without having to cut into any walls.

Semi-recessed- is partially recessed into the wall.

Fully recessed-sets flush within a 2x6 framed wall.

These cabinets are constructed of heavy-gauge steel and tempered glass.  It protects the defibrillator from theft, vandalism and the elements.  It is equipped with a battery-operated, audible alarm and optional strobe light that is activated when the cabinet door is opened.  Alarm can be hardwired into a existing central security system, if needed.

Child/Pediatric Options-

OnSite Infant/Child SMART Pads Cartridge

One set of two pediatric defibrillator pads intended for children that weigh less than 55 pounds(25kg) including infants, these pads instruct the defibrillator to reduce the level of shock and change the CPR coaching.

FRx Infant/Child Key

The infant child key signals the FRx device that a rescuer is treating an infant or small child.  When the key is inserted, the defibrillator adjusts to provide infant/child shock level, CPR and AED instructions.

Training Options-

HeartStart OnSite and FRx Trainer

AED Trainers 861306.jpg

This device is for use by CPR and first aid instructors for automated external defibrillator training or general product demonstration.  The HeartStart Trainer simulates how the defibrillator will operate during a real life sudden cardiac arrest event.   Voice instructions provide easy to follow directions and eight pre-configured training scenarios make training easy and effective.



Training Pads

These reusable pads can turn the HeartStart defibrillator into a temporary training device for a realistic training experience.  The training pads look sufficiently different to avoid inadvertent use in an emergency.  Reusable replacement training pads with replaceable seals are available in adult and pediatric version for use with the "live"  defibrillator when used as a trainer or for the HeartStart trainers.

Training Toolkit

The training toolkit includes instructional aids to assist in teaching groups to operate the HeartStart Defibrillator.  The toolkit includes a CD complete with PowerPoint slides on sudden cardiac arrest, operation of the AED, as well as a Presenter & Student Guide.  In addition, there is a DVD training video for the HeartStart defibrillator.  Available for both the OnSite and FRx.