Standard Kit(2015) 9 Sleeves

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Standard Kit(2015) 9 Sleeves


Selected as Hot Product at EMS Today 2015!

MEDPQ10014 Pedi-Sleeve kit with nine sleeves, in soft, roll-up case

  • Makes lengthy, mental drug calculations—-the number one source of pediatric medication dosing errors-—unnecessary and obsolete.
  • Significantly improves ease of use when compared to traditional methods.
  • Easy to read with large text in both milligrams and milliliters (volume), minimizing dosing errors by eliminating the need for calculations.
  • The inserts can be customized to reflect individual protocols as well as future guideline changes.
  • Pedi-Sleeve Kit (MEDPQ10014) comes with nine color sleeves which reflect the colors of industry-standard length-based resuscitation tapes.
  • Patent pending.
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